Helping Brands Optimize Today, While Building for the Future

Audience. Channel. Message. 

These are the fundamental ingredients of effective marketing campaigns, yet they are too often wielded with partiality and rarely grounded in data. Campaigns launch. Data is collected. Humans interpret the results. The process is repeated. 

Being “data-driven” needs to be more than just reading data and forming narratives. For many brands, data has never been this accessible yet uncovering actionable insights remains a challenge. 

Theorem was founded on the principle that optimization is the engine that actually drives marketing growth — audience, channel, messaging — these are all dimensions that can be perfected not just through interpreting research and past reports, but through iterative testing. 

Theorem is structured as an agency to do just this — create marketing campaigns and optimize them. But, we also want to help brands succeed at being data-driven. So while we help accelerate growth today, we develop a system of tools, processes, and assets that help organizations improve their ability to take action off their own data. 

Performance Today

audience segmentation
creative production
media buying
ux & development

Performance Tomorrow

data strategy
tagging & tracking
martech consulting
testing design

Built around a desire to test, learn, and optimize

Marketing Services

Activation Strategy

We design our marketing plans in order to optimize all consumer facing facets: audiences, creative, channel and conversion environment.

– Audience Strategy & Segmentation
– Testing & Tagging Design
– Content Strategy
– Research & Analysis

Media Planning & Buying

We activate across all channels with an emphasis on driving incremental revenue growth, rather than optimizing towards easy wins.

– Digital Media Buying
– Traditional Media Buying
– Technology Integration
– Tracking and Tag Implementation

Insights & Optimization

We go beyond vanity metrics and integrate marketing data with our client’s business outcomes to help understand the true impact of the marketing mix.

– Experimental Design
– Data Integration & Activation
– Interactive Dashboards
– Exploratory Analysis

Strategy & Planning

Audience and testing design informs how we build marketing campaigns.

Paid Media

Full-funnel media buying, from Paid Search to National Television.


From segmentation to reporting, data is integrated at every stage.

SEO & Web Dev

Bringing relevant and effective customer experiences to market, quickly.

Content Strategy

Content plays a critical role in meeting consumer needs at every stage of the funnel.


Built around testing various consumer touch points, from creative to website experiences.

Financial Impact

Everything we do for a client should drive an economically beneficial impact for a company. With that, we analyze the macro revenue trends not just the media trends.

Business Consulting

Not all companies need an agency but we believe that we have expertise that companies will find beneficial. We are willing to help companies that are looking to build from within.

Traditional Media

We believe that the industry standard of hand shake deals for buying traditional media is coming to an end. We are focused on using data to buy traditional media.

Our Consulting Services

Marketing Tech is infamously fraught with hundreds of overlapping vendor solutions. We’ve seen countless brands invest in tools only to never fully utilize them or fail to integrate them into a cohesive tapestry — resulting in redundancy or half-baked solutions.

We help brands audit their existing resources to find under-utilization, redundancy and missing pieces.

“Incrementality” isn’t technically word, yet the intended concept is central in our approach to marketing. As marketing spend continues to get funneled through ad consoles, it’s easy for marketers to get lost in the torrent of metrics that don’t actually signal whether marketing is doing — what we believe — it was invented to do: drive revenue you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

And until Google and Facebook break down their walled gardens, we’ve decided to tackle this problem with experimental design. We’ve built a set of testing procedures/priorities that help evaluate paid media’s incremental revenue contribution.

​Brands can sometimes take a myopic view of the process of optimization. There is nothing inherently wrong with improving the efficiency of tactics, but we’ve found that many brands still have lingering questions as to whether their tactics were the right ones to optimize in the first place.

We get many questions — from startups to established brands — around channel selection and investment levels. We help brands answer these broader strategic questions through developing a testing roadmap designed to test the value of certain tactics. Our goal is to identify optimal spend levels for each marketing tactic in order to prioritize your brand’s investment.

We’ve encountered a surprising amount of mid to large brands that have not equipped themselves to succeed at being a data-driven organization. Whether it’s poor data collection practices, improper or no conversion tracking, or no plan for standardizing metrics/dimensions across channels we’ve seen brands get this wrong in many ways. We provide brands with analytics to help them audit performance, but our real goal is to help them design and control their data layers. This means a full audit and redesign of their tagging strategy.

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